Old School, New Town House the Netherlands Rotterdam
The New town house used to be an old school building. We preserved the old details of the hallway. The light colour set and use of noble materials, gives that sense of simplicity and quiet sophistication. The high ceilings make the space even more grand. The wall finish, a natural stuc, gives not only a healthy surrounding, but give’s a poudre softness. The Douglas wooden floors of Dinesen make it minimalistic and pure as the travetin natural stone, as pure as can be. The bronze details and the SUMUM switches are jewels on the wall, with the same design principal; minimalistic. In the living on an old original Moroccan carpet, the ARP sofa of Linteloo with the feminine shape and art chosen to complement the quietness of the spaces. The Twin Villas at 796 Middle Huaihai Road are two neoclassical buildings located in a quiet English style garden. The listed building, which remained intact, benefited from the expertise of the house for slight renovations and adaptations to the Liaigre signature. A total area of ​​400m2 spread over two levels represents the spirit and style of the house, noble materials and refined details are required in the different spaces.

Photographed by MUK

The school is available for rent, for inquiries send an email to: nannette@by-nu.com