Ortho Veghel The Netherlands
Veghel White Room
An orthodontiste practise total new renovation The concept was inspied by the trip to Tokyo | Japan where you feel the tranquility of just ‘be’, we would transform the practise to another level. The client loved the ‘look and feel’ and the tranquillity of the inspiration. An architectual wooden ‘box’ with an open field of practise but still feel secured in the round shape of transparant glass (which can turn into milk glass for privacy). The use of soft tone, round shape and natural stone and all in the same color tone , combined with the warmth of wood in architectural elements to have the quitness and tranquillity of a timeless design.The outcome has an international feel. Love for Art and a great team spirit, we accomplish to give the practise a new level for the future orthodontist, with an international allure.